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What Is Split Test Dynamo?

Split Test Dynamo is your complete WordPress A/B Split Testing Plugin for Content and Templates by Plugin Dynamo. It removes the hassle of A/B Split Testing and is rated as a 5/5. $77.00 at Plugin Dynamo Today!. You can instantly start an A/B Split Test on any page or post that is inside of your WordPress site – all with a click of a button. Removing the need for any 3rd party software or inserting large amounts of code on your site. With a click of a button on your add/edit screen simply click on the Dynamo “Split Test” button and get ready to increase your conversions, dramatically boost your profits, and turn a losing campaign into a winning one. Using Split Test Dynamo can help you:

  • Increase Conversions (Help your site reach your conversion goals by testing small or large changes for better conversion rates)
  • Increase Click Through Rates (Helps you maximize your Click Through Rates by testing different ad positions)
  • Receive Faster User Feedback (Receive feedback through detailed reporting on how changes positively or negatively impact your site)
  • View The Effects Of Your Changes (See the effects of your testing with increased profits or conversions and detailed reports)
  • Develop A Winning Site (Test anything and everything to achieve your site’s goals and develop a winning site)
  • Fast Feedback (Receive quick feedback on how your changes affect your sites overall performance)
  • Improve Google Adwords Quality Score (By increasing conversions you lower your bounce rate, which in turn raises your Google Adwords Quality Score)
  • Turns A PPC Loser To A Winner (So easy to use it can help make anyone a PPC Winner)
  • Won’t Harm Your SE Ranking (Split Test Dynamo won’t harm your current search engine ranking as the search engine can only see your good version, Version A, not what you are testing against – Version B)
  • Drastically Improve Results (You can set it and forget it and Split Test Dynamo will collect the results until you end the test)

With Split Test Dynamo the guessing game is over, your own visitors now hold the answers to all of your optimization questions. Simply start up a split, let the test run and compare results its now that easy to dramatically sky rocket your conversion rate and increase your profits. Split Test Dynamo is as easy as 1, 2, 3…

It really is that simple to use Split Test Dynamo. Go from Zero to Hero with one simple to use WordPress Plugin you can also view your results in a detailed report.

The guessing game is over – THE Split Testing solution for WordPress. With Split Test Dynamo virtually any site can become a winner.

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